The Industry

Some Facts about Ice Cream:

  1. The ice-cream and frozen dessert market in India was estimated at approximately $450 million in 2009-10. Growing at approximately 12-15 per cent, it was expected to cross $900 million by 2014-15. The branded market is estimated at approximately $200 million and is growing at 20-25 percent.
  2. From Rs 7,300 crore in 2014, the ice-cream category has bumped up to Rs 8,530 crore in 2015, points out a recent Euromonitor analysis
  3. Northern and western India are the highest consumption centers accounting for close to 70 per cent of the market.
  4. Increasing incomes, a burgeoning middle class, buoyant economy and widening of outlook contributes in making ice-cream more affordable and acceptable among Indian masses.

The key trends are:

  1. Increasing presence of international brands driving consumption in metros and mini-metros.
  2. Availability of multiple options to consumers — from ice-creams to traditional kulfis to new forms such as gelatos and flavoured yoghurts.
  3. Growing trend of going out to eat ice-cream.
  4. With increasing health consciousness especially among young urban population, higher focus on fat free, low sugar and pro-biotic variants.
  5. Reducing impact of seasonality on consumption.
  6. Many players ready to increase presence with aggressive expansion plans.
  7. Growing focus on smaller and profitable formats.

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