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IICMA wants ice cream consumption in India to go up

Vadodara, July 9 (PTI) The Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association (IICMA) that was formed today, has decided to focus on increasing the per capita consumption of ice cream in the country. Newly elected president of IICMA, Rajesh R Gandhi of Vadilal Industries Ltd said this in a statement issued here today. The association was jointly formed by co-operative as well as private ice cream manufacturers in the country. Gandhi said, “Over 200 ice creame manufacturers from all over the country, after a year-long deliberations and meetings, announced the launching of the association today, after getting registered with the registrar of companies.” He added that the ice cream market in India is estimated to be at Rs 2,500 crore in the organised sector. “The per capita consumption of ice cream in India is around 300 ml per annum, while it is 700 ml in Pakistan, 3 litres in China and 22 litres in developed countries like the USA, Japan, Germany,” he said. Gandhi added that the association will therefore make efforts to increase the ice cream consumption and promote it as ‘fun and happiness food’ in the country. “It will help the Indian ice cream industry further upgrade its product quality and standards and combine the network and knowledge of all the players in the industry. It will also help in improving skills of smaller ice cream players across the country and enable Indian ice cream manufacturers access the export markets,” Gandhi said. Other office bearers of IICMA include Vice Presidents: C K Bhardwaj (Cream Bell), Simon John (Lazza ice cream) and Arun Ramani(Top-N-Town); Secretary Sudhir Shah (Scoops); Treasurer Pradip Chona (Havmor) and 11-member managing committee. PTI Corr NP