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Ice cream makers’ 1st national association registered in Ahmedabad

AHMEDABAD: To promote the ice cream industry, 80 ice cream makers from across India have formed the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers’ Association (IIMA), which was recently registered with the Ahmedabad office of the registrar of companies. This is the first national-level association of the ice cream business. The founder-president of IIM-A, Rajesh Gandhi, said that the association aims to upgrade the quality and standards of member companies. Gandhi, who is also the managing director of the Vadilal Group, said the association would enable industry players to consolidate their networks and knowledge.

According to Gandhi, the Indian ice cream industry is in the infancy stage as the per capita consumption is as low as 300 ml per annum as against 700 ml in Pakistan, 3 litres in China and 22 litres in developed countries like the US and Japan.

IIM-A is expanding its membership and hopes to grow to 200 members shortly, Gandhi said. He said that the association would focus on increasing ice cream consumption and on food safety. Pradip Chona, the treasurer of the newly formed association, said that it would raise issues like heavy tax imposed on ice cream, which is treated as a luxury food item. Chona said that the central government had recently introduced 1% excise on ice cream makers. Besides, most of the states charge VAT ranging from 12% to 15%. India’s ice cream industry is worth Rs 3000 crore.